backend generators
Code Generator Generator based on dynamic programming. Generates local or global register allocators.
A program that generates fast tree parsers for cost-augmented tree grammars.
A bottom-up rewrite machine is a compiler construction tool that is often used in the compiler's back end to convert a tree-structured representation of a program into machine code - or, in Java's case, bytecode.
MBURG produces hardwired bottom up tree rewriters from a set of tree productions. It generates ISO Modula-2 as output.
The New Jersey Machine-Code Toolkit helps programmers write applications that process machine code---assemblers, disassemblers, code generators, tracers, profilers, and debuggers. The toolkit lets programmers encode and decode machine instructions symbolically. Encoding and decoding are automated based on compact specifications.
Twig converts a tree-specification scheme consisting of pattern-action rules with associated costs into C functions that can be called to manipulate input trees.