Axiomatic Solutions Sdn Bhd was founded in September 2002 and is dedicated to the C to JVM compiler/IDE technology.
The large number of C written applications and the large pool of C programmers world-wide mean sticking with the pervasive C language makes a lot of sense when targeting one's applications to the JVM, both for new applications development as well as for porting existing C programs. This is compounded by the trend of JVM which is growing rapidly with wide industrial adoption and support for both desktop systems as well as embedded systems such as PDAs, cell-phones, game consoles, home appliances, control systems, and so forth.
DDC-I is an established supplier of Ada, C and JOVIAL compilers for real-time embedded applications. Since 1986, DDC-I, Inc. has focused on safety critical embedded development, with several hundred major installations at the top defense and commercial air transport aerospace contractors. SCORE from DDC-I, is a flexible GUI-driven IDE allowing developers to work in C and/or Ada with a non-intrusive debugger. SCORE works on a variety of embedded targets, hosted on WindowsNT and Sun/Solaris. Because SCORE technology is based on open standards, customization or integration with other systems is readily accomplished.
A company that is creating compilers and interpreters as soon as hole, new programming languages.
Company providing many kinds of software analysis and modification tools, including general infrastructure, testing tools, source code formatters, duplicate code detection, and services to implement custom tools.
What the company is working for is to give to everyone - a single developer, tiny software team or small software vendor - a possibility to make and sell his own commercial compiler. Unicals Group currently offers C89/C99/Embedded C and Embedded C++ front end compilers, a full-size C89/C99/EC/EC++-to-C89 compiler, a C99/C++ preprocessor and a set of C and C++ test suites -- all are high-quality and extremely inexpensive OEM components.