free cobol compilers
This is a COBOL compiler that generates ANSI C with the help of some "standard (well, more or less)" Unix tools. The author speaks of transfering this code to the control of the Free Software Foundation, so It's not sure if this is actually the precursor of the GNU COBOL2C compiler listed elsewhere on this page.
This is apparently an old COBOL compiler with C sources and some x86 assembler routines, distributed under the GNU General Public Licence. It generates non-preemptive multitasking code for MSDOS.
TinyCOBOL is a COBOL compiler being developed by members of the free software community with mission of producing a COBOL compiler based on the COBOL 85 standards.
TinyCOBOL is avaliable for the Intel architecture(IA32) and compatible processors on the following platforms: BeOS, FreeBSD, Linux, MinGW on Windows.