free compilers for new and nonconventional languages
Computer Advance Construct is a free high-level programming language that is easy to learn and very dynamic. It can even create procedures at run-time, and be used to create new languages and IDEs. Plus, one can add Keywords to Construct with great ease. Computer Advance Construct can also create stand-alone programs as small as 19k! In addition, Construct programs can be executed through other programs via the Construct.dll
ELENA is a general-purpose, object-oriented, pure polymorphic language with late binding, promoting more object-oriented program design resulting in reusable, laconic and more standardized code.
Programs written in ELENA Language consist of a relatively large number of "tiny" objects where the level of interactions between objects is comparable with a level of inner-object calculations. To prevent the system becoming too complex to deal with the number of possible interactions between objects is limited. This approach allows eliminate "super" objects which in many cases make the program design too specialized and hard to modify.
Gentee is a byte-code compiled scripting language with small memory footprint and C-like syntax.