Compiler Research and Development

Company: Transmeta Corp.
Job Location: Santa Clara, California
Requisition: E0532202B
Position Type: Full-Time Employee

We are looking for strong candidates to extend our R&D activities in the area of compiler development. Primary areas of focus include the design of a new programming models and the development of novel compiler optimizations for a new and unique multi-processor architecture.

Experience with compiler backend and analysis technology.
In-depth understanding of processor architecture.
Excellent analytical and debugging skills.
Self-motivated and comfortable working in a fast paced, mission-critical engineering environment.

Valuable Skills
Familiarity with the PPC architecture.
Familiarity with vectorization and parallelization technique.
Strong programming and code analysis skills.

Minimum 3-5 years of experience.
M.S. in Computer Science, Computer or Electrical Engineering required.
PhD in Computer Science, Computer or Electrical Engineering preferred.

To Apply
Send your resume via email to in plain text or HTML format in the body of the message, no attachments please.