Software Engineer - Compiler and tools R&D engineer

Company: SUN Microsystem
Job Location: Beijing, China

In this challenging position, you will be working with a small team of talented compiler developers to design, develop, maintain and test an interconnect between open source and proprietary compilers. The ideal candidate will be working on various aspects of the compiler development: open source front-end, IR (intermediate representation) generation and optimization, code generation, supporting libraries, debugging information generation, and performance tuning. The candidate will also need to work effectively with other compiler engineers and teams across Sun to find and deliver solid solutions.

* Extensive knowledge of C, C++ and Unix.
* Excellent programming skills.
* Expertise in GNU compiler internal architecture a plus. Knowledge of GNU tools internals is a plus.
* Understand ELF file format; Be familiar with various debug formats.
* Good understanding of compiler optimization and CPU architecture.
* Excellent debugging skills and compiler performance analysis skills.
* Good experience in low level system programming, and be able to write and modify shell scripts.
* Good verbal and written communication skills.

To Apply
For consideration please send resume to Kevin Jiang at