Sr./ Lead Compiler Engineer

Job Location: Portland, Oregon

Description of position:
Work as a lead, senior compiler developer in Portland optimizing the architecture, design and performance of C/C++/Fortran compilers. Interface directly with CPU architects and other lead compiler architects to advance the compiler and OS support for new microprocessors.

Specific job functions
Identify promising optimization opportunities in compilers through examination of compiler source code, existing Code Quality database records and through a wide range of benchmarking and performance analysis. Lead development of implementations for such opportunities working with internal compiler development tools and source code. Characterize the performance benefits of prototyped implementations through benchmarking. Drive the solutions with other senior compiler development leads and lead/mentor the implementation, testing, code review and check-in procedures.

Preffered education and experience
MS and 10+ years experience, or Ph.D and 7+ years experience in compiler development. Thorough knowledge x86, AMD64, x87, SSE/SSE2/SSE3 ISA. Understanding of micro architectural differences among modern x86/AMD64 processors. Expert knowledge of compiler optimizations and algorithms. The ability to quickly learn new development sources, tools and environments and to adapt to new programming guidelines. Excellent people's skills necessary for leading and mentoring junior developers.

Contact info
Julia Cort