Sr. Compiler Developer

Job #: 165
Perm or Contract: Permanent
Position: compiler
Job Location: Alameda, CA.
Area code: 510

SW Engineer Tools Developer
Design and development of tools for device software management components supporting Windows, Solaris, and Linux based platforms.

compiler, code generation, C/C++, Linux, PPC, PENTIUM, MIPS, ARM., VX Works, GNU, Gui, IDE, Eclipse

Major Responsibilities
- Maintain and enhance the sophisticated compilation, code generation, and other tools of the Device Software Management technology line
- Design and implement enhancements, based on marketing requirements and high level architectural specifications
- Design and implement new tools and for Device Software Management technology line

Complexity, Independence, Judgement & Accountability
- Involves taking a problem with a multitude of solutions and determine the gaps in our technical assets that are critical to the product success
- Understands cross platform application development process
- Ownership for achieving committed deliverables

- At least 7 years of experience in developing C/C++ based applications in a cross-platform environment (Solaris, Linux, and VxWorks)
- At least 5 years of experience in developing compiler applications or applications that use compiler output, with strict performance and quality requirements
- At least 5 years of experience in working with gnu and other compilers
- Knowledge of the instruction sets of one or more of the following CPU architectures: PPC, PENTIUM, MIPS, ARM
- Familiarity with GUI based IDE frameworks, specifically Eclipse
- Familiarity with Java
- Familiarity with XML (DTD/Schema), and XML parsers
- Familiarity with security related technologies
- Software development lifecycle experience from design to testing. Ability to produce design documents based on product requirements
- Must possess excellent overall attention to detail, quality and customer satisfaction
- BS in computer science, electrical engineering, or related area

Contact info
Julia Cort