Sr. Compiler Engineer Back-End

Company: Apple
Job Location: Santa Clara Valley

Apple is strongly focused on improving the developer user experience by reducing compile time and by maximizing the execution speed of the code generated for the Apple systems. As a key member of the Apple Compiler Team, you will apply your strong state-of-the-art background and experience toward the development of fast highly optimized compiler products that extract top performance from the Apple systems.

Technical leadership for design and implementation of state-of-the art optimization and code generation within the Apple compiler. Work with other engineering teams within Apple to identify and address performance issues related to compiler code generation. Actively interact in the Free Software Foundation community to build support for Apple initiatives, leverage work of others and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

Sr. Compiler Engineer with strong background in compiler architecture, optimization and code generation. Knowledge with analysis and tuning of industry standard benchmarks is desirable. Experience working in a team environment where you provided technical leadership to other engineers relating to compiler architecture and development decisions is a plus.

Note: we will consider all levels or experience from Jr on up!

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