Senior Compiler Engineer

Company: MathWorks
Job Location: Natick MA
Job #: 4144-GM

Job Summary:
The MathWorks develops tools that generate embedded software from high-level graphical and textual programming environments. These tools are changing the way that engineers design embedded systems. Come help us generate the fast tight code that these embedded systems require.

We are seeking a versatile compiler engineer with expertise in array optimizations that is capable of creatively applying classical optimizations to generating embedded code. We require demonstrated software engineering skills, a penchant for abstraction, experience with massive code bases, an analytical bent of mind, and a love of hacking. You will be expected to participate with enthusiasm in all stages of software design, coding, testing and maintenance.

* A MS+3years, or PhD in Computer Science.
* Demonstrated ability to dive into and work with massive code bases.
* At least 2 years of hard core C/C++ experience.
* Strong abstraction, algorithmic, and software architecture skills.
* Practical compiler implementation and optimization experience.
* Strong communications skills and a high energy-level.

Strong pluses:
* Experience with Simulink, MATLAB, and Real-Time Workshop.
* Knowledge of partial evaluation, abstract interpretation, and inter-procedural analysis.

Contact info
Please email resumes to: and refer to Job Code 4144-GM, or click here to apply directly through our web site.