C++ Software Developer

Company: Absoft
Job Location: Rochester Hills, Michigan

Job Summary:
Absoft Corporation currently has job openings for experienced C++ software developers. Candidates must have 5 or more years extensive hands-on experience & successful programming in C++ and hands-on experience in SIX OR MORE of the following areas:

o Compiler construction
o Open64-based compilers
o Code generation and optimization for: x86 (32-bit and 64-bit), MIPS, POWER, POWERPC
o Advanced compiler optimizations including instruction scheduling
o Fortran language (especially Fortran 95 and Fortran 2003)
o Extensive hands-on experience using the GNU Compiler Collection
o Runtime library development
o OpenMP
o Message Passing Implementation (MPI) libraries
o Distributed systems, high-performance computing, clusters
o Scalar and parallel debugger development and debugging standards (DWARF, STABS, etc.)
o Vector processing
o Testing and performance benchmarking
o Performance analysis and performance tuning
o Porting large codes
o Knowledge of modern computer architecture
o Excellent programming skills in C/C++ under Linux, Windows, and OS X

Qualified candidates will also:

o Be self-motivated
o Exhibit excellent communication/interpersonal skills
o Be able to work in team environment
o Meet project goals on time
o Be able to multi-task and work on more than one project

No agencies please.
Resumes without references will not be considered.

Contact info
Mark Flynt
Email: hr@absoft.com
Address: Absoft Corporation, Attention: HR Department, 2781 Bond Street, Rochester Hills, MI 48309 USA
Voice: (248) 853 0050
Fax: (248) 853 0108

About Absoft Corporation:
Celebrating 25 years of profitably offering software solutions, Absoft Corporation (Rochester Hills, Michigan) is a recognized leader in software development tools for Fortran, C/C++, and high-performance computing on Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Linux on 32-bit and 64-bit processors, from AMD, IBM and Intel. Absoft is an active business partner with AMD, Apple, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, and other major technology companies, and has tens of thousands of active customers world wide. Absoft products are distributed globally through more than 200 resellers.

Opportunities Absoft offers employees:
o Absoft offers employees technically challenging opportunities. Most Absoft products are written in C/C++ and we provide opportunities to work on leading edge optimization and parallelization technologies including supercomputing clusters, development of graphical user interfaces, debuggers, editors, linkers, libraries, and much more.
o Absoft has longstanding relationships with technology industry leaders including AMD, Apple, Cray, Dell, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, SGI, and Sun. Absoft employees are regularly exposed to projects with our alliance partners such as retargeting Absoft products to their newest processors and operating systems, or integrating our products with theirs.
o Absoft employees work closely with faculty and researchers from leading universities such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Cal-Tech, and UCLA where Appleseed, the world's first Macintosh supercomputer cluster was developed.
o Absoft employees work closely with clients from major national laboratories including Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA/Cal-Tech, and Argonne National Laboratory, the repository of MPI libraries for distributed processing.
o Absoft employees have implemented Absoft/Linux tools on Beowulf class commodity supercomputers; our employees worked with third party application developers to allow Absoft to offer the first integrated auto-parallelizing compilers for Windows-based systems.
o Absoft work experience allows employees to develop many new skills and offers opportunities to interact with other leading software and hardware companies. Members of the Absoft team have opportunities to develop, test, and support complete components of Absoft products which are used daily by our clients worldwide.

Employee Benefits:
+ Comprehensive medical PPO insurance program.
+ Dental Insurance Coverage
+ Disability Insurance Coverage
+ Basic Life Insurance Coverage
+ Supplemental Insurance Coverage Options
+ Profit Sharing Plan
+ Paid Holidays, Vacation, Sick Time and Personal Days
+ Flex Scheduling
+ Excellent Casual Work Environment

Rochester Hills, Michigan, is a growing community 25 miles north of Detroit with a strong technology business presence. Absoft is located in a popular technology park just over a mile from historic downtown Auburn Heights. Oakland University and Oakland Community College are just minutes away from Absoft.
Rochester Hills, Auburn Heights, and the surrounding communities offer affordable housing, extensive shopping and restaurants, and easy access to major expressways, the Palace, home of the Detroit Pistons (10 minutes) and the Pontiac Silverdome (10 minutes).
Also in the immediate area are DaimlerChrylser's US headquarters and technology center, Audi/Volkswagen US headquarters, Delphi Automotive Group, Fanuc Robotics, and many other high-technology service and manufacturing companies.