Infrastructure and Performance Software Engineer

Company: MathWorks
Job Location: Natick MA, USA
Job #: 4197-GM

Job Summary:
MathWorks is leading a quiet revolution in model-based design and automatic code-generation. Compiling high-level textual and graphical languages into C code for microcontrollers poses numerous challenges. One of these challenges is the performance of the compiler and the code it generates. This requires analyzing complex problems in large code bases and designing new infrastructure and algorithms for maximum efficiency.

We require demonstrated software engineering skills, a penchant for abstraction, experience with large code bases, an analytical bent of mind, and a love of object-oriented design and data structures. You will be expected to participate with enthusiasm in all stages of software design, coding, testing, and maintenance. The ideal candidate will thrive in a small high-energy team.

This position requires US Citizenship due to the nature of the customers served.

* M.S. or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.
* At least 5 years of solid C/C++ coding skills.
* Must be able demonstrate high level software design skills especially object-oriented design and methodologies.
* In-depth knowledge of data structures and the ability to apply them correctly.
* Experience building large-scale engineering software.
* Ability to take on varied tasks in unfamiliar areas and provide results in a timely manner.
* No fear of the unknown.

* Experience in MATLAB / Simulink / Real-Time Workshop.
* Experience using profilers to debug complicated problems.
* Experience in compiler technologies.

Contact info
Please email resumes to: and refer to Job Code 4197-GM