HDL Code Generation Senior Software Engineer

Company: MathWorks
Job Location: Natick MA, USA
Job #: 4189-GM

Job Summary:
Compiling high-level representations into HDL code poses numerous challenges. Join us in solving these problems and change the way embedded programming is done. We are seeking a versatile super-star to join a small high-energy product team. We require demonstrated software engineering skills, a penchant for abstraction, experience with massive code bases, an analytical bent of mind, a love of hacking, and compiler experience.

You will be expected to participate with wild enthusiasm in all phases of our planning, development, testing of world-class HDL code-generation technology and creation of application examples. You will join a small, high-energy team focused on delivering world-class EDA tools to the industry

* MS or Ph.D in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.
* A healthy combination of passion, and ambition.
* Strong programming skills in C/C++.
* Must love coffee and coding.
* Knowledge in behavioral synthesis and optimization.
* Experience in writing, simulating, and synthesizing designs in VHDL or Verilog.
* Hands-on experience with relevant EDA tools.

Contact info
Please email resumes to: gmarcink@mathworks.com and refer to Job Code 4189-GM