Senior Software Engineer - Binary analysis engine

Veracode, located just outside of Boston, has several openings for talented mid-senior level engineers with experience developing software tools. The primary responsibility will be to enhance and support current and next-gen binary analysis tools. Duties to include maintaining, designing and implementing support for various languages, instruction sets and binary formats. Veracode is developing a technology that has never been built before, so we need people who are nimble, learn fast, and love thorny problems. We are still at an early stage so opportunity abounds, and we have many paying customers. Please check out our world-class team and products at

The Senior Software Engineer will be responsible for enhancing and supporting current and next generation binary analysis tools. Specific duties will include maintaining, designing and implementing support for various languages, instruction sets, and binary formats.

Responsibilities include:
· Prepare work estimates for assigned tasks and complete all work according to schedule and quality requirements.
· Write readable, maintainable, high performance source that meets organizational standards.
· Write design and functional specifications for use in implementation and testing.
· Act as technical lead on projects, as required.
· Provide ongoing feedback on deliverables.
· Solicit code reviews for work and participate in code reviews of others’ work.
· Acquire knowledge necessary to perform job assignments (technology, product and process).
· Provide timely and complete information to the QA group to facilitate formal testing.
· Share technical information with the team.

· Strong background in compiler or tools development with in-depth knowledge of dataflow analysis.
· At least 7 years of experience in developing C++ based applications in a cross-platform environment (Windows, Solaris, Linux).
· At least 5 years of experience in developing either compilers, linkers, debuggers.
· Knowledge of the instruction sets of one or more of the following CPU architectures: x86, Sparc, PowerPC, MIPS, ARM.
· Familiarity with security related technologies, secure coding practices, and identifying and remediating security vulnerabilities.
· Software development lifecycle experience from design to testing. Ability to produce design documents based on product requirements.
· Must possess excellent overall attention to detail, quality and customer satisfaction
· M.S. in Computer Science

To apply
Contact: Veracode Recruiting