news archive news archive - april 2005
2005.04.24 : Using the GNU C/C++ compiler on AIX
Learn from IBM experts about using the GCC compiler on AIX. The article explain why you should use GCC compiler, which compiler options are specific to pSeries, what you need to know about shared libraries, and common gotchas and solutions.
2005.04.19 : Nice - new object-oriented programming language
Nice is a new object-oriented programming language based on Java. It incorporates features from functional programming, and puts into practice state-of-the-art results from academic research. Among the advanced features: generic types, anonymous functions, multi-methods, tuples, optional parameters to methods, design by contract, detection of many errors during compilation (in particular, concerning casts and null references). This results in more expressivity, modularity, and type safety.
2005.04.16 : ACM Queue issue on virtual machines
ACM Queue is ACM's free magazine for software engineers and developers. July/August 2004 issue is devoted to topic of virtual machines. Excellent coverage of this topic provides both introductory texts and history perspective, as well as information about more advanced techniques currently used in this emerging area.
2005.04.14 : Transmeta Crusoe explored
Ars technica has "Crusoe explored" article explaining design decisions and actual technology behind Transmeta Crusoe processor. Among other, article explains details of Code Morphing software, VLIW core and Long Run power management features. It is interesting to see how fathers of RISC concept evolved over 20 years.
2005.04.13 : Tiny compiler ported to C
One of popular free compilers tutorial is Jack Crenshaw's "Let's Build a Compiler" which is organized around implementation of Tiny compiler in Pascal. Peter Gray ported this compiler to C and released it as open source. This initial release has several features implemented, including staging buffer, optimized PCode generation and simple arrays.
2005.04.12 : "PowerPC Compiler Writer's Guide" book available online
Using mainly coding examples, "PowerPC Compiler Writer's Guide" describes code patterns that perform well on PowerPC processors, particularly helpful to compiler developers who are already familiar with optimizing compiler technology and are looking for ways to exploit the PowerPC architecture. Text assumes that compiler developers have already developed a compiler front-end and are seeking to develop a PowerPC back-end. Book is available in HTML and PDF formats.
2005.04.11 : Hedgehog 2.0.0 released
Hedgehog is a very concise implementation of a Lisp-like language for low-end and embedded devices. It consists of a compiler and a byte code interpreter. The byte code interpreter is written in standard conforming C, is efficient and easily portable, and can be compiled to a very small executable of only some 20 kilobytes in the smallest configuration for the Intel x86 architecture.
The compiler and interpreter are released under the GNU LGPL licence and the Hedgehog standard library is under a license similar to the BSD one.
2005.04.08 : BlackBox Component Builder released as Open Source
Oberon microsystems released BlackBox Component Builder version 1.5 beta under open source licence based closely on Berkeley Sleepycat Licence. Besides SP1 for version 1.4 and some additional patches, 1.5 also contains Direct-To-COM compiler extensions.
2005.04.07 : Kaffe 1.1.5 "Development" released
Kaffe is a clean room implementation of the Java virtual machine, plus the associated class libraries needed to provide a Java runtime environment. New version of Kaffe supports improved AWT implementation, new garbage collector, internationalization support, new ports to FreeBSD on x86-64, Darwin on x86 and HP-UX on ia64 and much more.
2005.04.04 : paxScript.NET, C# interpreter, beta version
paxScript is an interpreter of a set of programming languages. It has been initially developed for the Win32 platform. paxScript.Win32 includes support for paxPascal, paxBasic, paxC, and paxJavaScript languages.
The Microsoft NET version of paxScript (paxScript.NET) includes interpreter of C# language. It will be extended with the Basic.NET and Delphi.NET interpreters in the future releases. paxScript.NET is written in CLS compliant C# code. It compiles programs into byte code, without use of CodeDOM and without generating a dynamic assembly.
2005.04.01 : CLR compiler course
Hanspeter Mössenböck and Albrecht Wöß from University of Linz, Austria created compiler construction course. All phases of compiler are covered and course shows theoretical concepts underlying each phase as well as how to implement it efficiently. As a practical exercise, they developed small compiler for a C#-like programming language (Z#) in C# that translates a source program into the code of a virtual machine (CLR). Page also contains Powerpoint presentation with over 300 slides.