news archive news archive - may 2005
2005.05.27 : Short overview of Intel Pentium architecture history
In an article entitled "Recent history of Intel Architecture - A Refresher", published on Intel Developer site, Sara Sarmiento gives brief history of recent architecture features developed at Intel and implemented in P5 and P6 microarchitectures. Article contains introduction to instruction level parallelism and overview of implemented out-of-order exection techniques.
2005.05.26 : Boo - new object oriented .NET language
Boo is a new object oriented statically typed .NET language, influenced by Python's syntax. It supports duck typing for dynamic binding, type inference, slicing and has builtin literals for lists, hashes, arrays, regular expressions and timespans. Also available is add-in for integration with free SharpDeveloper IDE.
2005.05.21 : NS Basic/Desktop 1.0 available
NS Basic Corporation released NS Basic/Desktop 1.0, a new development tool for creating Windows XP and Windows 2000 applications using standard and structured BASIC. Features include over a dozen built in screen objects, serial and internet communications, interfacing with COM aware apps and easily connection with ADO and Oracle databases. Package contains lots of sample code and IDE is available in English, German and Japanese