news archive news archive - july 2005
2005.07.31 : CACAO 0.92 "Tomclipse" released.
CACAO team released new version of Cacao called "Tomclipse". This GPL licensed JVM uses GNU Classpath 0.16 and supports Alpha, i386, MIPS (64-bit), PowerPC (32-bit) and x86_64 architectures.
This is the first release which can start up some major Java applications like Eclipse or Jakarta Tomcat. Furthermore the Spec JVM98 runs without problems on most platforms and some benchmarks of the Dacapo benchmark suite. There are still some unresolved problems with GUI applications, which may also apply to Eclipse.
2005.07.16 : New compiler textbook - Compiling with C# and Java
Pat Terry published complete revision of an earlier (1997) book "Compilers and Compiler Generators" (now freely available), which used C++. A feature of the book is that it demonstrates the use of the compiler generator Coco/R to implement compilers targeting the JVM and CLR platforms. Complementary website contains the "Resource Kit" for the book - a collection that includes the source code for all the case studies, links to useful sites, ancillary documents, and instructions for downloading and installing the components of the Resource Kit on a reader's own computer.